Sharlene B. McDaniel, M.S., LPC, owner and Licensed Professional Counselor at  Auburn Behavioral Health, LLC has roots run deep in the Auburn - Opelika community, beginning over 30 years ago with a passion for helping people recover from the effects of mental health and substance abuse problems that prevented them from enjoying the quality of life they desired.  


That passion initially rooted itself in the public sector, providing counseling/psychotherapy and advocacy services to those with the most serious and disabling conditions, who had the least available resources to meet those needs.

Now in the private sector, the call to serve continues, helping individuals, couples, families and groups from all walks of life work toward achieving their own unique personal goals for a better and more satisfying life.


I enjoy working with people that are experiencing a variety of challenges, but if you're looking for a private practitioner who is also willing to work with people that stuggle with serious mental illnesses, look no further. I have spent many years specializing in this area of practice.